This photo by Lorena Velázquez was one of those in the online sale. This photo by Lorena Velázquez was one of those in the online sale.

Photography fundraiser collects over 6.7 million pesos for Covid struggle

213 photographers participated in 'Buy photos, save lives'

Over 200 Mexican photographers raised more than 6.7 million pesos (US $300,000) to donate to the fight against Covid-19.

Under the banner “Buy photos, save lives,” Fotos Por México (Photos For Mexico) sold copies of select photos from 213 established and up-and-coming Mexican photographers to raise funds for the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition.

The institute responded by saying that Fotos Por México’s support “will allow [us] to save lives, protect our health professionals and continue combatting Covid-19.”

The 15-day campaign came to an end on Monday, May 26, and all funds have been delivered directly to the institute.

Each photo cost 2,500 pesos (US $113) and will be printed and delivered to buyers after phase three of the pandemic has concluded.

Organizers thanked the photographers for their work, but said that their contributions were merely the first link in “a chain of help to which the media and the people connected in order to create a community of solidarity and support.”

Photographer and organizer Adel Buzali said she was excited about the response from all three of the groups that came together to raise the money and expressed her gratitude for the work that medical professionals are putting into their struggle against the coronavirus.

“We recognized the gigantic effort that the Salvador Zubirán Institute … is doing to deal with this situation. … The way [medical professionals] have taken on the challenge in front of them is our biggest inspiration. It fills us with pride to know that we’re helping them take care of lives of their patients and the health of their research team,” said Buzali.

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