A vaccination brigade on the move in Mexico City. A vaccination brigade on the move in Mexico City.

Venustiano Carranza next up for Covid vaccination in Mexico City

Over 420,000 residents over 60 have been given shots in the capital to date


As Mexico City progresses borough by borough with its vaccination of residents 60 and over against Covid-19, it’s Venustiano Carranza’s turn starting Wednesday.

Officials announced that they hope to immunize 91,241 people aged 60 and over in the borough between March 17 and 23.

A total of 53 immunization crews working eight hours a day are planning to administer an average of 9,000 doses per day at each of two vaccination sites. Residents can report to either:

  • The former regional military base (Primera Región Militar) in the Aviación Civil neighborhood on Alberto Santos Dumont Street; or
  • Internado No. 17 of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP). This is a school building located in the Morelos neighborhood at 87 Circunvalación Avenue.

There will also be brigades available that can immunize in their homes any older adults from the borough with limited mobility. Call Mexico City’s social services hotline LOCATEL at 55 56 58 1111 for more information.

Brigades at the vaccination sites will be using the CoronaVac vaccine, made by Sinovac Life Sciences. It requires two doses, the second occurring between 28 and 35 days of the first.

Currently, the city has given at least one dose of some kind of Covid-19 vaccine to 420,925 residents over 60 years of age in eight boroughs.

Officials at the two Venustiano Carranza vaccination sites will be checking for documents to prove eligibility, which does not require citizenship. Foreign residents in Mexico are eligible if they can prove their age and their residency in the borough. Residents who have registered with the vaccination signup website should receive a text or email notification with information about where and when to report for vaccination.

To prove eligibility, it’s suggested that resident have their CURP number (a national identification number given to citizens and temporary and permanent residents) to expedite the process, although a CURP is not necessary.

Some form of government identification indicating one’s age (for foreigners, a passport or driver’s license is sufficient) and address.

The vaccinations are being prioritized by paternal surname, following the schedule below.

  • A, B: March 17
  • C, D, E: March 18
  • F, G: March 19
  • H, I, J, K, L: March 20
  • M, N, Ñ O: March 21
  • P, Q, R: March 22
  • S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z: March 23
  • Those who missed their assigned day: March 23.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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