Some support will be available to CFE customers in Yucatán. Some support will be available to CFE customers in Yucatán.

Yucatán to pay citizens’ water, garbage collection for 2 months

Some will also get a subsidy covering half their electricity bills


The Yucatán state government announced on Monday that it will provide economic supports to its citizens to alleviate the negative economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal told a press conference that his government would pay water and trash collection bills in full during the months of April and May.

He also announced that the state government will pay 50% of the electric bills of households that keep their consumption to 400 kilowatt-hours or fewer during the two-month period in an attempt to assist the poorest of the state’s population.

Vila said that the crisis is “hitting the national and state economies hard, especially among those who have the least.”

“We are doing this out of solidarity with all of you. And let it be made very clear, that in the face of this crisis and this adversity, we are all one. You are not alone. You have our complete support,” he said.

The state government will allocate resources to Yucatán’s 106 municipal governments to pay for the trash and water services, providing families with short-term relief from at least two bills so that they can focus their budgets on food, medicine and other immediate needs.

The energy bill payments will be arranged via an agreement with the Federal Electricity Commission.

Vila emphasized that the effort will allow his administration to support around 507,000 households, representing some 63% of the state’s population. He also urged yucatecos to modify their energy consumption habits in order to be able to receive the benefit.

Source: La Jornada (sp)

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