Grads dance the cumbia at a Michoacán elementary school. Grads dance the cumbia at a Michoacán elementary school.

Out with the traditional graduation waltz: cumbia rocks grad event

Better than reggaeton, said one observer

A change in tempo from the traditional waltz in favor of the catchy rhythm of cumbia brought smiles to all as students twisted and turned to the beat of a cumbia hit during an elementary school graduation ceremony in Zitácuaro, Michoacán.

The surprise on the faces of parents and younger students was shared by social media users, who expressed astonishment and congratulations on a viral video that captured the dance performed by the graduating sixth-graders of Ignacio López Rayón Elementary School.

In the video, the cumbia by the group Rayito Colombiano plays while students dressed in blue and grey school uniforms execute a well-rehearsed choreography in perfect concert in the middle of the school courtyard.

Meanwhile, a female voice rings out, cheering on the dancers and soliciting the applause of the observing students, teachers and parents.

Social media users applauded the change in music and exclaimed over the work that must have gone into preparing the dance. One Twitter user said the festive music was better suited to the occasion.

“Wow! I want to highlight two important aspects of this: first, in financial terms, this was a good way to take advantage of the uniforms without forcing the parents or teachers to spend extra, and two, the creativity [behind the dance]; a graduation is cause for a celebration, and this was a [good] departure from the traditional waltz.”

Other users praised the students’ planning of the dance routine and the choice of cumbia instead of other genres which might not have been suitable for elementary-aged children.

“It’s much better to see them dancing this than reggaeton,”commented Paola Domínguez.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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