Juan Daniel opens a Kings Day gift. Juan Daniel opens a gift after 'the kings' came through in the end.

‘Forgotten’ by the 3 kings, despondent 8-year-old runs away

There were no presents waiting for Juan Daniel on the morning of Three Kings Day

Being told by his mother that he had been forgotten by the three kings was too much for a Guanajuato boy who had been hoping to find presents waiting for him on the morning of January 6: he decided to run away from home.

Juan Daniel, 8, was later found wandering the streets by police in Santa Teresa. They said the boy told him that he had found his unanswered letter to the three kings inside his shoes where he had left it the night before.

When he asked his mother why they hadn’t brought him the talking robot he had asked for, she told him that they had forgotten about him. Upset at the oversight, Juan Daniel ran away.

Moved by the story, officers and administrative staff at the police station took up a collection to buy him the gifts that had not appeared.

Soon after, a police officer carrying a bag of toys came to the station pretending to be an emissary of the three kings. He told Juan Daniel the kings had been busy so they had asked him to help pass out toys to children.

The boy opened the bag to find the robot he had asked for, as well as a train, a ball, notebooks and a box of crayons.

Meanwhile, social workers provided support to the boy’s mother for problems with addiction.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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