Still from documentary El Gran Salto Still from the documentary El Gran Salto, which follows the story of Mexican long-jumper Luis Rivera. Imcine

Spring documentary festival to screen 7 Mexican films

Oaxaca festival to host 80 screenings of the featured films in 25 states throughout March

A documentary film festival in Oaxaca is set to project across the country with seven films on 80 screens in 25 states.

The Spring Documentary Film Festival (Primavera documental) runs from March 1 to March 31 and aims to exhibit the diversity of experiences in the country’s communities in alternative and independent venues.

In Oaxaca, there will be screenings in Cinema Cuervo in Oaxaca city, Cineteco in Villa de Etla, the Yucusaa Museum in San Pedro Villa de Tututepec and in Cine Club Verde y Vivo in Huatulco. (See the full list of venues across the country under the “Sedes” heading).

While united under the banner of conveying Mexico’s diversity as a country, the films vary widely in their subject matter: Cruz tells the story of a Rarámuri and his community forced to leave their land due to narcotrafficking. The documentary Un México Perro, El Héroe Verdadero is about the Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler known as Perro Aguayo; Fiesta Nacional is an experimental documentary on the lives of a Wixárika artist, a bullfighter and a bricklayer who portrays Christ.

Other showings include El Gran Salto, which follows Mexican long jumper Luis Rivera; 499, a docudrama about a conquistador returning to Mexico in 2020 and seeing the country’s modern reality; Comala, which tracks a man’s journey to find the scattered members of his dysfunctional family and understand the life of his absent father; and Giro Polar, which follows a traveler who goes to see the northern lights.

Trailer for the documentary Un México Perro, El Héroe Verdadero.


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