A caravan of tanker trucks A caravan of tanker trucks on its way to gas-starved central Mexico earlier this week.

Double semi tanker truck carrying gasoline stolen in Jalisco

The 62,000-liter cargo was stolen in Zapotlanejo

Thousands of tanker trucks delivering gasoline to relieve a critical shortage in at least 10 states must be a tantalizing target for highway robbers.

One such truck carrying a total of 62,000 liters of gas was stolen yesterday as it travelled through Jalisco on the way to Zacatecas.

Officials said the incident took place as the truck was traveling on the Guadalajara-Tepatitlán highway in the municipality of Zapotlanejo.

The investigation has revealed that the thieves were traveling in a red pickup truck when they intercepted the truck and stole it. The tractor was found later, minus the trailers.

The mayor of Zapotlanejo said the incident took place near the border with the neighboring municipality of Acatic, and that some 15,000 heavy cargo vehicles travel on the road every day.

The state government questioned why the double semi tractor trailer was not following security protocols.

Much of the fuel being distributed following the closure of major pipelines is being shipped in convoys.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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