AMLO up to bat: president-elect López Obrador slips away for some baseball. AMLO up to bat: president-elect López Obrador slips away for some baseball.

Downtime for the president-elect means a bit of baseball

López Obrador finds relaxation with a bat in his hand

The president-elect may be “under severe pressure” but that doesn’t mean he can’t take some time off to practice his favorite sport.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador shared a short clip on Twitter yesterday where he wrote: “I escaped, for a little while, to practice baseball.”

He told his followers that “I may be under severe pressure, but I take time for myself and come here to bat, to practice baseball. It relaxes me.”

López Obrador might have been away from his desk, but government policy was still on his mind. He explained that his administration will promote sports and recreational activities.

He described his plan to create baseball schools in all the regions of the country where students can train to be professional players, and perhaps some will go on to play in Major League Baseball in the United States.

The curriculum will also include a formal education in physical education “for those that don’t make the cut.”

He said that despite his predilection for baseball, all sports will be promoted by his administration.

The president-elect’s plan for all things sports will be spearheaded by retired track and field athlete and Senator Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza, who will head the National Sports Commission, Conade.

Sporting a St. Louis Cardinals baseball hat in the video, López Obrador commended the team for its recent victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers, as well as Major League Baseball’s recent decision to stage three games in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

These events, he said, are important to promote the sport in Mexico.

Source: Milenio (sp), El Financiero (sp)

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