Drivers are blinded when an egg attack occurs. Drivers are blinded when an egg attack occurs.

Eggs sunny-side up is new modus operandi for thieves in Mexico City

Eggs are being used to steal cars and break in to homes

Eggs are the newest tool for thieves in Mexico City: they use them to burgle houses and steal cars.

The so called huevos estrellados or “sunny-side up” method is used by criminals as a surprise tactic, the city’s Security Ministry has warned.

At least five people have been arrested for such robberies.

For vehicle theft, assailants break eggs on the windshields of moving cars to obstruct the driver’s vision. The motorist instinctively turns on the windscreen wipers, smearing the yellow yoke across the glass. Forced to stop, the confused driver exits to clean the mess only to be met by criminals who either rob them, or steal the vehicle.

Properties are being threatened with a more elaborate method. A motorcycle rider throws eggs at the front door of a house to see if anyone is at home. If no one appears immediately, the rider notifies accomplices who arrive in other vehicles and break in to the property and steal possessions.

The tactic is effective because it is low risk: if the criminals throw the eggs and choose not to rob the driver or break into the property, the would-be victim cleans up the mess assuming it to be a juvenile act, which goes unreported.

The egg method has been reported in the boroughs of Benito Juárez, Miguel Hidalgo and Cuajimalpa.

If targeted, drivers are advised to stay calm, not to turn on the windshield wipers and stay inside the vehicle. Homeowners are instructed not to talk about leaving their house in public and always try to have someone on the property.

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