Claudia Uruchurtu disappeared in Nochixtlán. Claudia Uruchurtu disappeared in Nochixtlán.

Family of British woman missing in Oaxaca gets protection after receiving threats

Claudia Uruchurtu has been missing since March 26

Human rights officials have taken precautionary measures to protect the sisters of British-Mexican citizen Claudia Uruchurtu, 48, who disappeared on March 26 in Asunción Nochixtlán, Oaxaca.

The sisters say they have received death threats via phone call and acts of intimidation at their homes in Oaxaca ever since they began to demand justice for their sister.

Elizabeth Uruchurtu, who normally resides in England, lobbied the country’s foreign ministry on her behalf, which then contacted human rights groups in Mexico.

The president of Oaxaca’s human rights commission, Bernardo Rodríguez Alamilla, said it has established a security escort for the family and is demanding that security and justice officials do not victimize or violate the human rights of the family members in the search for the missing woman.

Claudia Uruchurtu went missing after a protest outside government headquarters in Nochixtlán, where people had gathered after a local resident was beaten. According to Uruchurtu’s relatives, witnesses saw Claudia being grabbed and pushed into a car.

The state attorney general has summoned the mayor of Nochixtlán to give evidence.

Sources: BBC, Milenio (sp)

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