Security Secretary Durazo: police overpaid for equipment. Security Secretary Durazo: police overpaid for equipment.

Federal Police probed for irregularities in 2.5bn-peso purchase

The force allegedly paid four times the market value for a piece of intelligence equipment in 2015

Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo announced that the Federal Police are being investigated for an “irregular” purchase of a piece of intelligence equipment that is codenamed “Rafael.”

In a press conference on Thursday called to respond to demands of Federal Police officers who are protesting their incorporation into the National Guard, Durazo said the piece of “highly powerful” equipment can be used for the analysis, design and implementation of an intelligence exploitation system.

The Federal Police paid 2.5 billion pesos (US $131 million) for the tool in December 2015 , which Durazo said was four times its market value.

“[The purchase] did not guarantee the best conditions for the state, violated legally defined procedures, caused payments to be delayed and left behind a debt of approximately 1.3 billion pesos,” he said.

Durazo filed an administrative complaint before the Public Function Secretariat against the Federal Police for the transaction on February 7. He also said that those found responsible for having authorized the purchase will face criminal charges.

“The contract for the acquisition of this product set up a multi-year payment scheme, but we could not find an authorization from the Secretariat of Finance, or the report that should have been sent to the Public Function Secretariat when such a contract is made,” said Durazo.

In his morning press conference on Thursday, President López Obrador said, “I have ordered a thorough investigation into the reports of corruption, and that the management of the Federal Police be investigated further.”

On Wednesday, officers who are unhappy with how they are being incorporated into the National Guard demanded the resignations of the Federal Police leadership, whom they accuse of corruption and involvement in organized crime.

Source: El Financiero (sp), Televisa (sp)

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