Commissioner Ortiz speaks at a press conference on femicides. Commissioner Ortiz speaks at a press conference on femicides.

Femicide victims engaged in ‘improper activities,’ commissioner says

Practicing 'world's oldest profession' puts them at risk

Femicide victims in Morelos put themselves at risk by engaging in “improper activities for a woman,” the state security commissioner said.

José Antonio Ortíz Guarneros was talking with reporters about an increase in reports of sexual harassment of women on social media and a spike in femicides. He said some of the victims were prostitutes.

When a reporter asked the commissioner to clarify what activities were improper he said, “They are engaging in the oldest profession in the world . . . .”

“Would that justify [these crimes]?” asked the reporter.

“I am not saying it’s justified, but if [women] are going to connect with people at a club it is obvious they are susceptible to being attacked when drugs and alcohol are involved. It’s not justified but it is a factor that increases the risk of being violated,” Ortíz said.

Meanwhile, the state Congress commended several businesses affiliated with the local chapter of the National Chamber for Industrial Transformation (Canacintra) that have joined forces to support women walking alone at night.

Among them are automotive dealerships and restaurants that have posted “safe place” signs, offering support to women who may feel at risk while walking in the streets. The signs invite women to enter the premises if they fear they are being followed or are victims of harassment.

Lawmaker Tania Valentina Rodríguez Ruiz quoted figures compiled by the Morelos Independent Human Rights Commission showing there were 31 femicides reported in the state in January.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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