The Las Vigas fire in Veracruz.

Central Veracruz forest fire triggers evacuation of 100 families

Residents evacuated from two towns in Las Vigas

At least 100 families from two towns in Las Vigas, Veracruz, have been evacuated due to a wildfire that was first reported in posts on social media this morning by people near the blaze in Toxtlacoaya.

La Lobera and Santa Rosa Hojas Anchas were evacuated earlier today due to their proximity to the fire, and have been given temporary shelter in municipal headquarters.

Las Vigas Mayor Alejandro Lina Cruz said in a video posted online that the fire was getting out of control due to the strong winds and that its course was changing. He urged residents to stay away from the area.

The fire departments from the nearby municipalities of Perote and Coatepec were attempting to control the wildfire, and more firefighters were on their way.

They were still fighting the fire at 3:00pm today, the state Civil Protection office said.

There have been no casualties reported but the fire has destroyed a Las Vigas ambulance.

Source: e-veracruz (sp)

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