Flooding in Veracruz yesterday. Flooding in Veracruz yesterday.

Floods trigger emergency in 13 Veracruz municipalities

More areas could be included if rain continues

Veracruz has declared a state of emergency in 13 municipalities after heavy rain flooded homes and roads in the southern part of the state.

The Coatzacoalcos river overflowed its banks in the municipalities of Hidalgotitlán and Jesús Carranza, while the Tecolapan river overflowed in Saltabarranca.

The waters of the Jaltepec river, a tributary of the Coatzacoalcos, continue to rise and could soon overflow, affecting towns in the municipalities of Jesús Carranza, Hidalgotitlán, Texistepec, Jáltipan, Cosoleacaque and Minatitlán.

In the municipalities of San Andrés and Santiago Tuxtla, hundreds of families lost everything when their homes flooded, while owners of restaurants and stores in Catemaco reported severe losses, also due to flooding.

State and local authorities continue to work to repair the damage and offer relief to victims.

State Civil Protection officials warned that if rains continue the emergency declaration could well expand to five more municipalities.

With the official declaration of emergency, the affected municipalities have access to funds from a state disaster relief fund.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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