Juárez is one of the more popular residential areas for foreigners. Juárez is one of the more popular residential areas for foreigners.

In some CDMX neighborhoods, foreigners outnumber Mexicans

Venezuelans form the largest expat group in the three most popular neighborhoods among foreigners

Mexico City draws foreigners on a large scale, and the Juárez, Polanco and Anzures neighborhoods are where they choose to live, says the online house rental platform Homie.

In Juárez, 70% of home renters are foreigners, while in Anzures they represent 60% and in Polanco 50%.

Homie content manager Carlos Arias explained that those neighborhoods are preferred by foreigners because their workplaces are located there. The fact that they also offer many transportation options, safety, urban amenities and an array of entertainment options are further enticements.

“It all depends on services and connectivity,” he said.

All three neighborhoods meet these requirements “perfectly,” allowing foreigners to feel more comfortable.

Venezuelan nationals compose the largest group of foreigners in those neighborhoods, representing 22% of the total, followed by Colombians at 16% and United States expats at 10%.

The average monthly rent in Polanco is 52,800 pesos (US $2,750), said Homie, explaining that a typical monthly income estimated to be nearly 120,000 pesos ($6,240) is also a contributing factor in their decision to live there.

People in Juárez earn an average of 100,000 pesos ($5,200), and their rent is 26,200 ($1,360), while those opting for Anzures earn 50,000 ($2,600) and pay 25,500 pesos ($1,320).

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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