Foundation directors and students celebrate a new agreement to further the teaching of English. Foundation directors and students celebrate a new agreement to further the teaching of English.

Foundations join forces to encourage English teaching in remote areas

'If Mexicans knew English, we would spare ourselves many problems'

A pair of prominent educational foundations in Mexico have forged an alliance to make English language instruction more accessible to young students in vulnerable sectors of the country.

The Anglo Mexican Foundation and the Fundación Mano Amiga signed an agreement to promote the certification of English teachers in at-risk areas located in 14 states.

The pesident of The Anglo Mexican Foundation, Víctor Treviño, said at the signing ceremony that the country has not taken advantage of its proximity to the United States, citing that only around 10% of Mexicans speak English.

“If Mexicans knew English, we would spare ourselves many problems,” he said.

He highlighted the importance of gaining command of the language for the cognitive and professional development of the next generations of Mexican professionals.

He said that there is no opportune age for acquiring a new language, citing a myth that it becomes impossible to do once someone reaches a certain age.

“The human brain is conditioned to learn several languages, so we shouldn’t believe that there exists a [favorable] age for doing so. Adults as well as children can learn English, even senior citizens,” he said.

The United Kingdom’s ambassador to Mexico, Corin Robertson, was the guest of honor at the event. She shared her experiences as a diplomat with the Mano Amiga students and others in attendance.

Fundación Mano Amiga executive director Enrique Castañeda Téllez Girón said that the network of schools in his foundation favors a holistic education for children and young people in order to effect positive change in society.

The foundation currently works with over 15,000 students in its 21 schools located in 14 states. He said that the agreement will have a direct impact on more than 10,000 families who live in vulnerable communities.

For The Anglo Foundation CEO Anthony McCarthy the strategic program represents the organization’s commitment to creating new educational opportunities in Mexico.

The foundation has dedicated itself to English language instruction and strengthening cultural ties between Mexico and Great Britain since 1943. Its headquarters are located in the San Rafael neighborhood of Mexico City.

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