author Amy Gottlieb Workshop instructor and book coach Amy Gottlieb’s novel The Beautiful Possible was a finalist for a National Jewish Book award.

Go beyond ordinary storytelling with four November writing workshops

Online classes tackle topics like dealing with rejection and finding your story's narrator

Both accomplished and aspiring authors know that deciding who will tell their story is a major decision that can make the difference between mundane and quality storytelling. Just as important are knowing how to effectively revise a story and how to deal with rejection.

The San Miguel Literary Sala will cover all these topics in four different online workshops offered this month between November 8 and November 11.

Workshop times below are all in Central Standard Time:

November 8 and 10, 5:30–7 p.m. — Amy Gottlieb: “Music and Texture: A Creative Approach to Revision.” Revision is often viewed alternately as dreary and ruthless, yet it can be a creative and transformative process when you re-envision a draft in terms of its internal logic, its music, and its patterns. Gottlieb will help participants break down revision into a three-part process, exploring creative techniques to help find the vitality in your work and make it shine.

November 9 and 11, 3–4:30 p.m. — Nadine Kenney Johnstone: “ Writing your Truth in the Personal Essay and Memoir.” If you want to write about your past, it’s crucial to dig deep enough to write your truth, which sometimes means overcoming worries about how people will respond, especially if they are one of the characters you are writing about. By studying other truth-telling writers, participants will learn how to silence their inner critic and tell the story they must.

November 9 and 11, 5:30–7 p.m. — Elizabeth Kracht: “Rejection Bingo! How to Improve Your Manuscript Through Rejection.” Learning how to use rejection to achieve your publishing goals can help get that book accepted for publication. Kracht will teach you participants to change their perspective on rejection in a fun and interactive way and use it to their advantage in the publishing industry. She will also cover the top 10 editorial reasons for rejection.

November 10, 3–6:20 p.m. — Annie Tucker: “Who’s in Charge Here? Choosing the Right Point of View for Your Story.” Tucker will help writers identify all points of view available to them and determine which one to use for consistent story narration. A series of exercises will help participants plumb the depths of their characters’ minds and ensure that readers have the reliable narrators they need to guide them through a novel.

For more information on these workshops and to register, visit the San Miguel Literary Sala at their website.

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