What the new tankers are expected to look like. What the new tankers are expected to look like.

Government buys 571 tanker trucks; over 6,000 driver applications received

They will be pressed into service to deliver gasoline to fuel-starved states.

The federal government has spent US $85 million to purchase 571 new tanker trucks that will soon deliver fuel to states where supplies have been scarce for three weeks or more.

President López Obrador told a press conference that the trucks will be able to transport a total of 116,000 barrels of fuel every day with a single trip, more if the trucks take several trips.

The tankers will be National Defense Secretariat vehicles and bear the title of the army’s disaster relief program, DN-III, painted on the sides along with the slogan “Security in Fuel Supply.” The Pemex logo will appear on the rear.

At the same event, National Defense Secretary Luis Crescencio Sandoval​ said 120 people have been pre-approved to be hired as drivers.

He said 450 more are in the process of being approved, 253 of whom have passed their exams and should obtain their drivers’ license by tomorrow.

Sandoval explained that 6,199 applications were received of which 1,365 were short-listed to write an exam; 804 passed.

They will be paid 14,500 pesos bimonthly (US $750).

Source: Reforma (sp)

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