Miss Nanchital 2020 is going for the Miss Veracruz crown. Miss Nanchital 2020 is going for the Miss Veracruz crown.

Having no arms not an obstacle for Miss Veracruz 2020 contestant

No dream is too big, says the psychology graduate and motivational speaker

A contestant in the Miss Veracruz 2020 beauty competition is spreading the message that no obstacle is too big for her dreams: Ana Gabriela Molina de los Santos has no arms.

Molina, who has already won the competition in her hometown for Miss Nanchital 2020, caused a sensation after participating in the presentation of Miss Veracruz contestants last weekend in Xalapa.

“Thank you to everyone, most of all my family who were able to come and those who, despite distances . . . have always shown me their support,” she said in a post on Facebook.

Molina graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology on December 10 and is a motivational speaker, hosting conferences on personal development.

She hopes that her participation in the competition will show others that her disability has not stopped her from chasing her dreams and that if she can accomplish her goals despite having no arms, then anyone can accomplish their own.

“No dreamer is too small and no dream is too big,” she said in another Facebook post.

The winner of the Miss Veracruz 2020 competition will go on to represent the state in the Miss Mexico pageant.

Last year’s Miss Veracruz, Marilú Acevedo, was the first runner-up in the Miss Mexico competition, barely losing the crown to Ashley Alvídrez of Chihuahua.

Sources: XEU Noticias (sp), Milenio (sp)

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