Flooding today in Sinaloa. Flooding today in Sinaloa.

Heavy rains pummel northern Sinaloa; families evacuated in Los Mochis

Governor seeks state of emergency for El Fuerte and Ahome municipalities

The governor of Sinaloa has asked for a declaration of emergency in the municipalities of El Fuerte and Ahome due to heavy rains brought on by tropical depression 19-E.

As of early this afternoon as many as 2,500 families had been evacuated from their homes in Los Mochis, where 90 millimeters of rain fell in just four hours this morning. As much as 180 milliliters has been recorded in some areas.

Aerial view of Los Mochis flooding.
Aerial view of Los Mochis flooding.

And more is on the way. The forecast is for intense to torrential rains with accumulations of 155 to 250 milliliters over the next three days.

Many streets, homes and businesses were flooded in the city this morning, but there have been no casualties.

Federal Police closed the Nogales-Mexico City highway in both directions at San Miguel Zapotitlán after drainage system collapsed.

Source: Milenio (sp), Río Doce (sp)

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