Derailed train in Michoacán today. Derailed train in Michoacán today.

Hurricane and tropical storm soak Morelia, Michoacán, cause widespread flooding

Soft ground led to the derailment of a freight train, injuring two

Intense rainfall in Morelia, Michoacán, today has left at least 27 neighborhoods flooded and derailed a freight train.

Civil Protection officials said the Grande river overflowed its banks while other drivers and drainage systems in the municipality were at 100% capacity.

The worst affected areas were Ventura Puente, Carlos Salazar, Jacarandas, Los Manantiales and Industrial, where floodwaters were as much as a meter deep and hundreds of homes were flooded.

The extremely wet weather is the effect of Hurricane Willa and Tropical Storm Vicente.

Heavy rain is expected to continue in the next few hours.

Flooding in Morelia today.
Flooding in Morelia today.

Ground softened by heavy rains was not firm enough to support a freight train passing near Atapaneo.

Two locomotives and three rail cars rolled over off the tracks into adjacent, flooded farmland.

Two of the crew were treated for minor injuries, Civil Protection officials said.

Personnel from Kansas City Western are currently assessing the condition of the track.

Source: Televisa (sp), adn40 (sp)

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