Mexico City leads the states in electric vehicle sales. Mexico City leads the states in electric vehicle sales.

Hybrid, electric vehicles gain market share; July sales up 86%

As sales of fossil fuel-burning vehicles have been declining, those of electric and hybrid vehicles have been rising sharply in the past few years, according to data from the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA).

An AMIA report published by the national statistics agency Inegi said that 2,068 electric and hybrid vehicles were sold in Mexico in July 2019, an increase of 86% compared with the same month in 2018, when only 1,113 such vehicles were sold.

Mexico City saw the most sales, followed by México state and Jalisco. Those three states accounted for 65% of the total sales in July.

The increase in sales has continued for a little more than three years. In the first seven months of 2016, electric and hybrid vehicle sales numbered 3,439 units. Over the next three years, that number grew to 5,030, 8,163 and 11,503 respectively.

But the numbers are minuscule compared to all light vehicle sales, which in July totaled 105,699.

Meanwhile, sales of conventional vehicles have been declining for the past two years.

Source: El Economista (sp)

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