Rarámuri inmates celebrate Easter in Chihuahua prison. Rarámuri inmates celebrate Easter in Chihuahua prison.

Indigenous inmates in Chihuahua have their own Passion of Christ celebration

Easter at the Rarámuri penitentiary is a blend of Christian and their own traditions

Easter is a major celebration across Mexico, even among indigenous inmates of a prison in Chihuahua.

While the reenactment of the Passion of Christ is the center of the celebrations for many communities, the Rarámuri people have their own blended version called Noriwachi, which is celebrated at the Rarámuri state penitentiary in Guachochi.

The week-long event includes traditional dances starting on Palm Sunday and concludes with a celebration of the start of the harvest season.

Noriwachi is centered on the fight between good and evil and draws from Catholicism and the Rarámuri religion alike, with pleas for good fortune, health, a good harvest and rain made to Onorúame-Eyerúame, the Rarámuri father-mother god.

Celebrations at the Guachochi penitentiary started yesterday with dances accompanied by traditional instruments, part of a program designed by the state justice system to promote the Rarámuri traditions along with freedom of religion.

While the inmate population at Guachochi is exclusively Rarámuri, other penitentiaries in the state have their own Easter celebrations that include Passion reenactments organized by the penitentiary system parish.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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