Local residents help recover goods that spilled from a truck after an accident. Local residents help recover goods that spilled from a truck after an accident.

Instead of looting contents, residents help recover them after truck rolls

Looting is common in Mexico, but citizens in Oaxaca set a better example

Some citizens in Oaxaca showed their scruples earlier this month, helping a truck driver to recover products that had spilled onto the roadside rather than looting them.

The truck veered off a dirt road and rolled on June 20 while delivering dairy products in the tourist destination of Puerto Escondido. Most of the cargo was scattered on the side of the road, but local people arrived to assist the driver, who appears to have been uninjured, and helped him to right his vehicle and collect the products to return them to the truck.

There were no reports of any looting, according to the newspaper El Heraldo de México.

A photo of the incident showed cardboard boxes neatly piled behind the toppled truck, while another photo showed the truck back on the road and local people loading the boxes into the back. The images of the citizens’ courteous actions went viral on social media. “People like this should be rewarded and supported … with an act of honesty like this they make their values and principles clear,” one user wrote.

“Inhabitants of the Oaxaca coast set an example of values, civility and honesty,” wrote another user.

Looting is common when trucks are involved in accidents in Mexico. In December, people in Veracruz emptied two semi-trailers of food, electronics and more than 2,000 live chickens. In general, there are many such incidents a year.

With reports from Milenio and El Heraldo de México

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