Illegal weapons decommissioned by Mexican authorities. Illegal weapons decommissioned by Mexican authorities.

‘Frozen:’ Mexico, US kick off joint operation against arms trafficking

Mexican cabinet secretaries met with U.S. Ambassador Christopher Landau to work out the details

The governments of Mexico and the United States firmed up an agreement Monday to “seal the borders” against the illegal trafficking of firearms.

Operation “Frozen” will attempt to freeze the illegal movement of guns between the two countries, according to a statement released by the Public Security Secretariat.

U.S. authorities agreed to “confront transnational weapons trafficking in a serious way” and reiterated their willingness to make joint efforts with other countries.

Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo, Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard and U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau met Monday to hammer out the details of the accord, which was discussed in a telephone conversation Saturday between presidents López Obrador and Donald Trump.

The two countries have agreed to meet every 15 days to review the operation.

In a message posted to Twitter on Monday, Ambassador Landau said that part of the problem is that there are “too many government agencies involved in the issue.”

“Starting today, we’re getting rid of the bureaucracy,” he wrote.

Yesterday, Landau told reporters that President Trump “is very concerned about Mexico’s stability.”

Speaking during a business summit in Cancún, Landau said the U.S. wants a Mexico that is prosperous and stable.

Source: El Universal (sp), Infobae (sp)

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