Casas: women to the kitchen. Casas: women to the kitchen.

Female lawmaker complains like ‘a squealing pig, belongs in the kitchen’

Morelos deputy criticized for misogynistic comments

An attempt to oust a female lawmaker from the presidency of the Morelos Congress descended on Friday into a misogynistic attack.

Speaking in the Congress, independent Deputy José Casas said the complaints by lawmaker Tanya Valentina Rodríguez against her removal were like the “squeals of a pig.”

He also charged that women should stay in the kitchen rather than enter politics.

Casas is part of a 13-member block of deputies that is trying to replace Rodríguez as leader of the Congress.

A deputy with the Labor Party, Rodríguez accused the 13 deputies of holding a “clandestine” session of Congress on Thursday at which they intended to vote in favor of relieving her of her duties.

However, the deputies decided not to bring on the vote because they weren’t guaranteed of getting majority support to oust the Congress president.

Rodríguez told the newspaper Reforma that she will file complaints against Casas with both the Human Rights Commission of Morelos and the Institute of the Woman.

Female lawmakers protested against the lawmaker’s misogynistic remarks by holding up placards in Congress that denounced the “political violence” to which they are subjected.

Democratic Revolution Party deputy Estephany Santiago rejected Casas’ claim that Congress is not a place for women.

“The spaces that women occupy to represent other women are the result of a tireless struggle,” she said.

“The state Congress must take action and . . . impose a sanction on José Casas; that’s not the way to speak about women.”

Amid the furor, Casas attempted to make amends for his sexist remarks.

“My respect to all women in the kitchen, I come from a proud cooking family in Tres Marías . . . This isn’t an issue of misogyny,” he said.

Source: Reforma (sp), Excélsior (sp) 

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