'El Cindy' and Liliana Pérez after their arrest in August. 'El Cindy' and Liliana Pérez after their arrest in August.

Leak blamed for alerting Mexico City cartel leader to search

Tláhuac Cartel leader appeared to have fled when police searched his home

Corruption among Mexico City police may have thwarted the arrest of another cartel leader.

The head of the Tláhuac Cartel was able to avoid arrest this week because he was probably informed of a police operation ahead of time.

According to an official report obtained by the newspaper Milenio, Carlos “El Cindy” Alejandro N. was notified of a search warrant the day before it was to be carried out at his home in Mexico City borough of Tláhuac on Wednesday.

A witness told authorities that at 11:00am on Tuesday “El Cindy” and a woman approached him in a black Mazda pickup truck outside the residence.

They asked the witness to accept rental payments for them while they were away, “since they knew there would be a raid on the house . . . so they wouldn’t return for a few days . . .”

The couple took various possessions from their apartment, including clothing.

Upon hearing the witness’s testimony, the Mexico City attorney general has opened an investigation into a possible leak of information pertaining to the operation.

During the search, police seized a black backpack containing 100 bags of “green plant material with characteristics of marijuana” and a blue plastic bag with 90 bags of the same substance.

The witness told authorities that the house is owned by the cartel leader’s wife, Diana Karen N., known as “The Princess of Tláhuac,” the daughter of the cartel’s founder, Felipe de Jesús “El Ojos” Pérez Luna.

Pérez Luna was shot dead during a confrontation with marines and police in Tláhuac in July 2017.

Diana Karen is currently in jail for a drug trafficking conviction.

“El Cindy” was arrested on August 29 along with Liliana Pérez, another daughter of “El Ojos,” in an operation that police said would dismantle the cartel’s command structure. However, he was released less than two months later.

Police corruption was blamed last month when the leader of the Unión de Tepito Cartel avoided arrest during a raid on a cartel bunker.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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