giant al pastor rotisserie cone in Aguascalientes Taquería Los Cuñados' employees face down an impressive 1,000 kilos of al pastor meat. @myriam776

Taco restaurant creates massive trompo of tacos al pastor

The 1-tonne cone of rotisserie meat was a viral hit on TikTok

Tacos al pastor, a beloved street food throughout Mexico that is made with pork and cooked on a vertical rotisserie cone, became the subject of a new viral video on the social media platform TikTok after a taco shop set out to create Mexico’s largest al pastor cone, known as a trompo in Spanish.

Taquería Los Cuñados, an Aguascalientes establishment, set out to make a giant one-tonne trompo — off which the meat is shaved to fill tacos — in celebration of the 20-year anniversary of its opening. The meat cone towered over employees, one of whom stood on a bucket to shave taco filling off the top.

The taco sellers said on their Facebook page that making the trompo was a dream of theirs. They even named the trompo, calling it El cuñado mas grande del mundo (the world’s largest brother-in-law), in honor of the name of their shop, which translates to the Brothers-in-Law Taquería.

TikTok user @myriam776 documented their efforts. The first video of the series on the platform garnered more than 400,000 likes.

Against all odds, the taco shop managed to use up the whole cone, and all 1,000 kilograms of meat were consumed.

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