Mayor Sheinbaum and her bulletproof doors. The mayor and her bulletproof doors.

New mayor plans to remove bulletproof windows, doors: ‘I’m not afraid’

Mayor Sheinbaum estimates they weigh 500 kilograms each

“I’m not afraid,” declared the new mayor of Mexico City yesterday after discovering that her office is reinforced with bulletproof windows and doors.

Claudia Sheinbaum shared her surprise with a short video on Twitter, where she jokingly said she will have the doors and windows removed and “sent away with the presidential plane,” the US $218-million Boeing 787 Dreamliner that President López Obrador has described as a “symbol of excess.”

Said Sheinbaum about her office’s security protection: “I do not need bulletproof windows  . . . the mayor is not afraid.”

Later she said she had visited the office of the mayor when López Obrador held the position between 2000 and 2005. There were no armored doors and windows then, she said.

They were installed during the term of Miguel Ángel Mancera, who was mayor until last March.

Sheinbaum estimated that each of the windows and doors weighed as much as 500 kilograms.

Her office is located in the original town hall of Mexico City, part of which will become a museum that opens to the public next week.

Source: Eje Central (sp)

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