The alleged cattle rustlers pay for their crime. The alleged cattle rustlers pay for their crime.

Men forced to parade in the nude for stealing 15 cows

Three men accused of attempting to steal 15 cows were stripped of their clothing and forced to walk through the streets of Suchilapan del Río, Veracruz, last week.

In a video of the unofficial punishment that went viral on social media, the men are shown confessing to the theft.

In front of the local livestock association, the three nude men were asked, “Why are you here?”

For stealing 15 cows, they responded.

The identities of the alleged cattle rustlers and the vigilante who dispensed the unorthodox punishment have not been released. But unofficial reports state that one of the three men is believed to be a local butcher.

The eight-second video accumulated almost 4,000 likes on Twitter by Monday and was shared by a number of local and national news outlets.

Authorities from the town have not released a statement about the video, nor is it known if they have taken any action in response to the punishment and its publication.

Source: La Verdad (sp)

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