One of the 'Metro dogs' available for adoption. One of the dogs available for adoption.

Mexico City has 23 ‘Metro dogs’ ready for adoption

The stray dogs were rounded up from around the Metro system

Looking for a dog? Uamy, El Norteño, Ferry, Santo, Tlahua and Neza are among 23 stray dogs that have been rounded up by employees of the Mexico City Metro and are now ready for adoption.

The dogs are being housed in the Canine Transfer Center, a space created through donations that has allowed the Metro system to protect the animals, according to a Metro press release.

“The Canine Transfer Center is a high-quality space that gives our transitory guests the quality of life they deserve,” reads the release. “It has a veterinary clinic, and is a space specifically designed for them where they are taken after being rescued by Civil Protection.”

The center is located on Avenida de las Culturas in Colonia El Rosario in the borough of Azcapotzalco, near the Colegio de Bachilleres 1 Metrobús station. Visitors should call (55) 5627 4142 before visiting.

Anyone wanting a dog must fill out a form and present identification and proof of address. The prospective dog owner must have their home inspected to make sure it fulfills the center’s requirements.

In preparation for being put up for adoption, the dogs are given rabies vaccines and are spayed or neutered.

Each dog has received a name based on the station in which it was found: Acato and Cata were rescued from the Acatitla station, while Ferri was rescued from Ferrería.

One of the dogs, Pazito, was rescued from the Talleres La Paz station in very bad condition with serious injuries to his front paws.

“Now he has completely recovered and is waiting in the Canine Transfer Center for a new family to adopt him,” said the Metro press release.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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