found 10,000 on CDMX Metro The anonymous citizen found the money on a Line 2 train going toward Tasqueña Station in Coyoacán. CDMX police department

Mexico City Metro rider turns in backpack containing 10,000 pesos

The bag and money will await their owner at the Metro's lost and found

An honest Metro rider in Mexico City found a backpack containing 10,000 pesos (US $477) and handed it in on Saturday.

The stand-up citizen, who preferred to remain anonymous, gave the bag to officials at Hidalgo Station on Line 2 of the Metro in the city center after finding it on a train going south to Tasqueña Station. 

The quantity of cash was only verified once the backpack was transferred to the station’s chief inspector, who counted it.

Metro officials said in a statement that the act spoke well of the subway system’s riders. “It highlights the honesty of the passengers of the Metro, who when finding a lost object look for a way to hand it in so that it can be found by its original owner.”

The backpack and the sum of money will go to the Metro’s lost and found office to await its possible collection. 

With reports from El Universal 

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