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Mexican cuisine makes list of world’s top 10

Peru and Argentina were way down the list

Mexico has the seventh best cuisine in the world, according to a 50-nation ranking compiled by the international food guide website TasteAtlas.

Mexico was the only Latin American country in the top 10 of the June update of the culinary ranking released by TasteAtlas. The list was dominated by Europe: Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania and France made up the top five, while Croatia and Portugal were djudged eighth and ninth.

Meanwhile, representing Asia were Japan in sixth place and India in 10th.

The other Latin American countries on the list were Brazil (12th), El Salvador (27th), Chile (30th), Peru (32nd), Argentina (33rd), Venezuela (39th), Bolivia (48th) and Uruguay (49th).

However, as could be expected, the citizens of some countries were in strong disagreement with the list. “Peru and Argentina in 32nd and 33rd in gastronomy?” one Twitter user queried, referring to two countries famed for the high quality of their food and drink.

“United States in 13th place? They all voted wrong,” another Twitter user wrote, referring to a nation less often recognized for its culinary delights.

Some countries weren’t involved in the ranking due to the website’s methodology, which only included cuisines that have 30 or more dishes, beverages or food products rated on the platform. The score for each country included was taken from the average score of their top 30 culinary offerings.

Mexico’s most popular dishes on TasteAtlas are tacos, tortillas, nachos, tamales and burritos. The country’s most popular drinks are tequila, margaritas, mezcal, licuados (smoothies) and aguas frescas (flavored waters).

TasteAtlas is an online encyclopedia of 10,000 dishes and drinks, presented as a world map, where users can browse local cuisines and search for restaurants. The website also offers extensive recipes.

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