Terminal 2 at AICM. Terminal 2 at AICM.

Mexico City airport named third best in world

It ranked high for shopping options and proximity to the city center

A United Kingdom-based price comparison website has ranked the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) as the world’s third best airport for travelers.

Considering factors such as the frequency of flight delays, parking costs, shopping options and location, ranked the world’s 50 busiest airports.

Singapore’s Changi Airport came out on top with a score of 8.32 out of 10, Tokyo’s Haneda Airport was runner-up with a score of 8.03 and the AICM, also known as the Benito Juárez International Airport, ranked third with a score of 7.4.

The AICM’s high ranking was largely the result of its first place in the shopping options and location categories.

With 226 shops, the Mexico City airport has the most shopping options, said. It also said that the AICM is the closest airport to the city center.

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The top 10, according to a British website.

“Benito Juárez is fairly unusual for an airport in that it is located right outside the city centre, just a seven-minute taxi journey away,” the website said in an estimation that apparently didn’t take Mexico City’s notorious traffic into account.

The AICM ranked seventh for on-time flights, with 80.3% of flights departing on time, and fifth for its estimated taxi fare.

The Mexico City airport was one of just nine airports from which a taxi trip into the city center costs US $14 or less, said. It also noted that a week of parking at the AICM cost 2,212 pesos (US $106).

The other airports in the top 10 for travelers were those in Atlanta, Frankfurt, Charlotte, Orlando, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami and Los Angeles.

At the bottom of the list was the London Gatwick Airport, ahead of the Toronto Pearson International Airport and the Newark Liberty International Airport.

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