The cop's grope in the Metro. The cop's grope in the Metro.

Mexico City cop dismissed after camera catches wandering hand

The groping was caught on camera by another officer

Reports of groping and other sexual acts are not uncommon on the Mexico City Metro, but police officers are not normally at the center of them.

One cop is now without a job after a video captured him touching a woman’s butt in the Metro while on duty.

The officer, a member of the Bank and Industrial Police, was at the Line 3 Juárez station of the Metro. In the video, which was recorded by another officer, a blue-haired woman appears with her skirt lifted.

Both the cop and the woman can be seen glancing around to make sure no one is watching.

City officials fired the police officer as a result.

In other police-related news, on Tuesday a man in the Historic Center of Mexico City hit a transit official with his car then fled in an attempt to avoid being fined. The maneuver was unsuccessful; minutes later, the man was apprehended by police.

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