Michoacán Governor Aureoles. Michoacán Governor Aureoles.

Michoacán governor criticizes Pemex for silence on fuel shortage

Oil company head has shown 'lack of respect' in not replying to requests for information

Pemex’s alleged silence about fuel shortages has drawn a strong rebuke from the governor of Michoacán.

In a series of tweets, Silvano Aureoles yesterday urged the state oil company and the federal government to provide answers in light of gasoline shortages in his and various other states around the country.

He criticized Pemex CEO Octavio Romero Oropeza for not responding to official requests for information regarding the fuel shortages, which he described as rude and showing “a lack of respect.”

“We demand to know with certainty and in a timely manner when and how we will be able to restore normal fuel distribution,” he said in the tweet.

Aureoles said the state government has helped the public transportation sector by providing security for dedicated tankers delivering fuel.

The governor observed that while he supports the federal government’s fight against fuel theft, the strategy was poorly executed and should not have adversely affected economic activities or the livelihoods of citizens.

Michoacán has been one of the states most affected by the fuel crisis, a result of President López Obrador’s closure of pipelines in a strategy to combat fuel theft.

State officials say gas shortages have had a severe impact on the economy.

Source: Milenio (sp), López Dóriga Digital (sp)

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