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Michoacán ‘superhero’ dedicates himself to animal rescue

Fulfilling a promise he made to his dog before he died, a 25-year-old man-cum-superhero has been rescuing animals from the streets of Morelia, Michoacán, for the past eight months.

“Zadrigman was created on May 11, 2021,” the animal rescuer – who declined to reveal his identity – told the newspaper Milenio.

Before his Siberian husky, Duke, died of a bacterial infection in December 2020, the man made a promise to his pet that he would help animals in need.

“The idea was that both of us would go out together to rescue animals, both with a costume, because he liked to help. I’m fulfilling what I promised to him,” Zadrigman said.

He was immediately well-received by the residents of Morelia, who frequently thank him for what he does and stop for photos.

Children crowd around Zadrigman during a classroom visit.
Children crowd around Zadrigman during a classroom visit. Facebook

The man told Milenio that he cried tears of gratitude after his first appearance as Zadrigman because he didn’t think he would make an impression on people so quickly and because he had begun to fulfill his promise to Duke.

Eight months later, the superhero has rescued and found homes for almost 60 dogs and cats. Among them are dogs he found after they were hit by cars.

“… I take them to the vet to be operated on, they recover and they’re put up for adoption,” Zadrigman said.

Originally from Tijuana, the man said that another of his objectives is to be a good role model to children.

“They normally tell me that they want to be superheroes in order to help animals. I try to cultivate that love in them so that they grow up with the idea of loving, caring for and respecting animals,” he said.

He admitted that he has considered giving up on his noble pursuit “two or three times,” in part due to the costs he incurs while looking after the animals he rescues.

“But I remember that I don’t do this for myself, I do it for Duke and all animals that have died, because he is a representation of all animals. For me this is a life mission,” the man added.

In addition to winning acclaim on the streets, Zadrigman has built up a strong following on social media, with more than 5,000 followers on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

With reports from Milenio

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