Election results indicate candidate's sorry showing. Published election results indicate candidate's sorry showing.

Hapless Morelos candidate received just one vote, presumably his own

He wasn't alone: another candidate for mayor earned just 13 votes

One unfortunate candidate for mayor in the state of Morelos had a dismal election — it appears that not even his mother voted for him.

Manuel González Campos ran for mayor of Zacualpan de Amilpas but managed to garner just one vote in his favor, presumably his own.

But he needn’t feel alone: also near the bottom in terms of voter preference was Francisca Alejandra Ramírez. She garnered just 13 votes.

In contrast, the winning candidate obtained 2,366 votes, or close to 42% of the total. Roberto Cázares won under a two-party coalition between the National Action and Citizens’ Movement parties (PAN-MC).

There was a similar story in the municipality of Tetecala, where another candidate for mayor, Gloria Laura Barrera Pérez of the Ecologist Green Party, won the support of only two voters.

Other candidates — perhaps with larger families or more friends — received between five and 18 votes apiece.

At the other end of the scale was a former soccer player and the current mayor of Cuernavaca, who won the race for governor with 54% of the vote.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo ran under the three-party coalition Together We Will Make History, whose presidential candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was elected by a landslide.

Blanco’s closest adversary polled just 14% of the vote while the candidate for the Democratic Revolution Party, which currently governs in the state, won just 12%.

Source: Reporte Indigo (sp)

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