Police at a murder scene in Zirándaro. Police at a murder scene in Zirándaro.

Narcos force 1,000 families to seek refuge in Guerrero

Men are being kidnapped, homes and vehicles stolen in Zirándaro

Over 1,000 Guerrero families are living as refugees after fleeing their homes due to threats they received from the La Familia Michoacana cartel.

The families are staying in Zirándaro, where Mayor Gregorio Portillo Mendoza said three people had been kidnapped on Sunday and Monday.

He said the kidnappers travel to communities and force local men to arm themselves and go with them. As a result, residents have been fleeing their villages in order to avoid the kidnappers, who also rob families of their homes and vehicles, he added.

The families have fled from at least 14 communities located within the municipality of Zirándaro, and are being provided food and shelter by the local government.

Portillo complained that although federal and state authorities are aware of the insecurity in his municipality, they have not provided support to combat the cartel. He said that around 50 young men have been forced to join the cartel so far this year.

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He said Guerrero Governor Héctor Astudillo promised on Monday to send a contingent of state police and National Guard troops within hours, but none had arrived by Monday evening.

But an official in the Zirándaro municipal headquarters told Mexico News Daily on Tuesday that they had finally arrived.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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