AMLO gets a warm reception in San Luis Potosí. AMLO gets a warm reception.

New airport under consideration for San Luis Potosí

An airport would promote development of the Huasteca region, president says

President López Obrador is in favor of a proposal to build an airport in the Huasteca region of San Luis Potosí, a project that would boost eco-tourism and positively impact the finances of local families, he said.

During a visit yesterday to the capital of the state López Obrador explained that the idea for the airport was originally proposed by the mayor of Ciudad Valles, a municipality that has the second largest city in the state and belongs to the tri-state Huasteca region.

The airport would promote the development of the region, one with may natural riches and archaeological sites, he said.

Mexico's Huasteca region.
Mexico’s Huasteca region indicated in green.

The federal and state governments, the president said, “will do everything possible to promote tourism, an important activity because it not only creates wealth, but distributes it.”

He also remarked that the region’s farmers, youths, disabled and senior citizens deserve special attention because “the Huasteca is a wealthy region with poor people.”

He announced welfare programs for farmers, including loans and guaranteed prices for their products. He also said investors would be invited to pursue tourism projects in the region.

Source: W Radio (sp)

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