A Pizza Hut outlet in Puerto Vallarta. A Pizza Hut outlet in Puerto Vallarta.

New Pizza Hut in Guadalajara is location No. 1000 in Mexico

Mexico's original 1969 Pizza Hut is close to the new site

Pizza Hut is to open its 1,000th site in Mexico in the same city where the chain was introduced 52 years ago.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, will see the new location on Manuel J. Clouthier avenue, a short distance from where it first welcomed Pizza Hut in 1969, at the Plaza del Sol shopping center.

The Clouthier site is the fifth new unit to open since the company formed a new strategy in 2019 to transform its Mexico-based locations.

It has remodeled six locations since then and expects to add 30 new restaurants and hundreds of new jobs in the region by the end of the year.

“Every new concept, design and innovation is driven by two core elements: our customers and their love for pizza and our team members and their passion and ability to fulfill that love,” said Oscar Peláez, global director of innovation at Pizza Hut International in a statement.

“How we bring that to market evolves based on culture, trends, and societal norms and needs,” he added.

The new location will be staffed by 14 employees.

The state of Jalisco has the second highest number of fast food restaurants after the state of México.

Pizza eateries only account for 9% of the country’s fast food outlets. However, sales from those locations account for 25% of all fast food sales, according to Seale & Associates’ 2018 Fast Food Industry report.

Source: Entrepreneur

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