Fireworks are fun — and dangerous. Fireworks are fun — and dangerous.

New Year’s not so happy for some: a stray bullet, fireworks cause injuries in 3 states

Stray bullet wounds girl; fireworks cost an eye and several fingers

New Year’s celebrations got out of hand in at least four states, leaving several people injured and a seven-year-old girl in serious condition with a head injury caused by a stray bullet.

The youngster was transferred by air ambulance Monday night from the Oaxaca town of Matías Romero, a victim of New Year’s revelers firing weapons into the air.

She was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and brain swelling.

In Tijuana, Baja California, a 28-year-old man lost an eye when a rocket exploded in his face while three other people lost fingers when playing with fireworks.

A 10-year-old boy and a 25-year-old man each lost a finger and a 25-year-old man lost two.

Five people suffered severe burns in Puebla on New Year’s Day when a rocket ignited other fireworks during a religious procession.

Hundreds of people were participating in the procession Tuesday afternoon in Chalchicomula de Sesma when the explosion occurred.

A child was the most severely injured. He was reported in serious condition after a rocket exploded on his stomach.

In the city of Veracruz, thousands of residents turned up on Manuel Ávila Camacho boulevard to watch the sunrise on New Year’s Day, but for some the party turned into a pitched battle after one man urinated in the sea.

The father of a family who had entered the water to go for a swim at Regatas beach reprimanded the man, triggering a fight involving some 20 people who went after each other with sticks, stones, bottles and even shoes.

The fight broke up half an hour later, leaving one man seriously injured after he was struck in the head with a stone.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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