Durán will be the first openly non-binary person in the Veracruz Congress Durán will be the first openly non-binary person in the Veracruz Congress. They wish to be identified in non-gendered terms.

‘Non-binary’ lawmaker asks media to be referred to with inclusive language

The incoming deputy in Veracruz doesn't wish to be referred to as male or female

An incoming state lawmaker who identifies as neither male nor female wants to be referred to in non-gendered terms.

Gonzalo Durán Chincoya, who will take a seat in the Veracruz Congress in November, will advocate for a gender identity law and the use of and respect for inclusive language.

The incoming Morena party deputy asked reporters on Wednesday to be referred to by the neologism diputade, rather than the masculine diputado or feminine diputada.

Durán also advised the media to use the non-gendered pronoun elle instead of él. Durán will be the first non-binary person to sit in the Veracruz Congress.

“I feel very happy that there will be a real space in the next legislature to attend to this sector that has been relegated for years,“ they said.

Promoting the use of inclusive language from the halls of power “is a great commitment I have and one I will take on completely,” Durán said.

“It’s not about saying this is my language – as a society we must understand it and be open to it.”

“One of the first initiatives I will promote will be the law of gender identity,” the future diputade said.

“… The trans girls of our state need that legal … [protection], because maybe they already completed their hormonal and physical transition but they lack the legal part.”

“[But] let it be very clear: I’m not going to just legislate for the [LGBTQ+] sector [of the population] to which I belong. I’m going to legislate for all sectors, always looking out for the wellbeing of todas, todos and todes,” Durán said, using the feminine, masculine and non-gendered terms for “everyone.”

Durán will be sworn in as a deputy on November 5.

With reports from Milenio and e-consulta 

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