Mayor García of San Felipe Jalapa de Díaz. Mayor García of San Felipe Jalapa de Díaz.

Oaxaca mayor among 10 arrested in cases of 16 missing persons

The mayor faces federal weapons charges after six illegal firearms were found in his house

The mayor of San Felipe Jalapa de Díaz, Oaxaca, was arrested in a joint operation by state and federal forces on Thursday as a result of an investigation into more than a dozen cases of forced disappearance.

Oaxaca Attorney General Rubén Vasconcelos Méndez said Arturo García Velázquez was found in possession of six illegal weapons and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition when his house was raided as part of the investigation. The mayor faces charges for weapons violations.

Police arrested nine people suspected of participating in forced disappearances, including two police officers from Jalapa de Díaz.

There are five people reported missing in Jalapa de Díaz and Ixcatlán, and another 11 in the neighboring municipality of Huautla de Jiménez.

The attorney general said 100 state police and 120 National Guard troops participated in the operation.

García is the second Oaxaca mayor to be arrested in the past two weeks. San Marcial Ozolotepec Mayor Ramiro López was arrested in connection with a triple murder.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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