López Obrador López Obrador: no abuse against migrants.

President opens office to provide support, protection to visiting migrants

'Citizen heroes' will be protected from criminal activity

A special office will be set up within that of the president to protect Mexican migrants who travel home to visit.

President López Obrador announced the opening of the office during Monday’s press conference, explaining that visiting Mexicans — whom he hailed as “citizen heroes” — will be protected from criminal activity and abuse.

“A support program has been initiated for the protection of our countrymen, but it is going to be reinforced” with an office in the National Palace, he said.

“They are going to be reporting to me daily because in this office they are going to coordinate all support and protection for our countrymen so they are not abused, so they are not victims of assault, that they are not victims of extortion. I will give instructions to the National Guard so that, from the moment that arrive and clear customs, they will be given protection and support …”

López Obrador called on all public servants “to act with rectitude and honesty” because no abuse against migrants will be allowed.

Immigration chief Francisco Garduño said the migrants who return to their homes during the December holidays will be given “privileged attention.”

The president has expressed praise for migrants in the past for their remittances, money that represents Mexico’s largest source of foreign income.

In the first 10 months of the year they sent home US $33.56 billion, up 10% from the same period last year. BBVA research, a division of the Spanish-based financial services firm, estimates that this year’s total will reach $39.4 billion, an 8% year-over-year increase.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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