Operation Sweep rounds up criminal suspects in México state. Operation Sweep rounds up criminal suspects in México state.

Operation Sweep: 1,400 security personnel, 144 actions, 41 arrests

The operation in México state also located 32 missing persons

Federal, state and local government forces initiated a joint anti-crime operation this week in the México state municipalities of Chicoloapan, La Paz, Chalco and Valle de Chalco, rounding up 41 criminal suspects and locating 32 missing persons.

Over 1,400 personnel from the National Guard, the military, state and local police, the Secretariat of Transportation and the state Attorney General’s Office carried out 144 actions to capture the suspects, including 37 in Chicoloapan, 40 in La Paz, 33 in Chalco and 34 in Valle de Chalco.

Of the 41 suspects captured in what was called Operation Sweep, 17 had outstanding arrest warrants for violent crimes including femicide, sexual assault, aggravated vehicle theft and aggravated robbery. The remaining suspects were wanted for other, lesser crimes.

During the operation, government forces recovered:

  • 180 bags of marijuana.
  • Three firearms.
  • Three other illegal weapons such as blades and police batons.
  • Three .38 special cartridges..
  • 19 vehicles, 10 of which had been reported stolen.
  • 26 public transportation vehicles.
  • Stolen auto parts.
  • A radio transmitter belonging to the state judicial police.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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