National Guardsmen assist flood victims in San Juan del Río. National Guardsmen assist flood victims in San Juan del Río.

Over 2,000 people forced from their homes by flooding in Querétaro

Discharges of water from the Centenario dam threaten to cause more flooding

Heavy rains in Querétaro in the last 24 hours have forced 2,440 people from their homes after the San Juan River overflowed its banks. Residents of Santiago de Querétaro, San Juan del Río and Tequisquiapan have been affected and further flooding is predicted in the latter municipality.

Governor Mauricio Kuri warned that there was a 90% chance of more flooding as water is released from the Centenario dam, which has been filling quickly with water from the San Juan River.

Officials in Tequisquiapan, where heavy rainfall has triggered a red alert for the second time in 10 days, warned residents to stay away from the area of the dam due to the likelihood of flooding. A red alert signifies that residents should be prepared to evacuate their homes.

The National Guard has been working in affected areas, where floodwaters have entered people’s homes and businesses, the newspaper Reforma reported.

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