The thieves attempted to rob passengers near the Tepotzotlán toll plaza. The thieves attempted to rob passengers near the Tepotzotlán toll plaza.

Passengers shoot thieves, throw them off the bus

One passenger died after being shot by the robbers

Two armed robbery suspects and a bus passenger died in México state Thursday morning after other passengers on the bus apparently rose up against a pair of alleged would-be robbers who had tried to steal their belongings.

El Universal newspaper reported that while the bus was traveling on the Mexico City–Querétaro highway, a pair of thieves began shouting threats and shooting off firearms in the bus, wounding an unidentified male passenger whom police described as in his 60s. According to witnesses, he died on the bus before the driver could contact police.

Police said they believe that after the man was wounded, some of the passengers eventually managed to overcome the pair and shoot them. The bodies were thrown onto the highway, where they were later found dead.

The bus, owned by Autobuses Coyotepec y Anexas, routinely travels between México state and Mexico City. The incident took place between Coyetepec and the Metro Polytechnic and Metro Valle subway stations in Mexico City.

After passengers threw the bodies off the bus, witnesses say the driver continued until reaching the Tepotzotlán toll plaza, where the passengers exited the bus to find other connections and the driver notified authorities.

One recent tally of robberies with violence on public transit in the state revealed there had been on average 19 per day since January.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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