Two of the 'pets' in the Ciudad Juárez home. Two of the 'pets' in the Ciudad Juárez home.

Pet lion plays rough, sends owner to hospital with serious injuries

The Ciudad Juárez man had evidently had a few drinks and began shouting at his lion

Don’t drink and mess with your pets when they happen to be lions and tigers.

That would appear to be the moral of a story yesterday in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, where Erick Noé Romero Meraz, 41, lives with two lions and a tiger.

When he arrived at his home in the Rincones de San Marcos neighborhood, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, he shouted at one of the lions, triggering an attack by the animal.

Romero was admitted to the Juárez general hospital in serious condition with deep gashes in his arms, legs and neck.

When police arrived at Romero’s house, his family assured them they had all necessary permits to have the three animals in their home.

As of yesterday, police were keeping the house under guard.

Source: Sin Embargo (sp)

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