De la Vega: showed the highest level of master this year. De la Vega showed the highest level of master this year.

Pianist wins scholarship to Juilliard School of Music

Eduardo de la Vega, 24, of Nuevo León achieves his dream

Nuevo León pianist Eduardo de la Vega has cause for celebration after being accepted into New York’s prestigious Juilliard School of Music to earn his master’s degree. 

“Thank God for my family, teachers and friends who supported and encouraged me to achieve this dream,” he wrote on his Facebook page. 

De la Vega is the second Latin American to be accepted by the school and awarded the coveted Kovner Fellowship which provides enhanced programmatic content and full financial support for exceptional students.

Lydia Brown, chair of the Juilliard piano department, said de la Vega’s audition showed the highest level of mastery this year.

The Juilliard, founded in 1905, is highly competitive, accepting only around 7% of applicants, or about 850 students. 

De la Vega, 24, who has been winning national piano competitions in Mexico since 2017, first applied to The Juilliard School five years ago but was rejected. 

“The best thing that happened to me was having received that refusal because it allowed me to continue searching and doing many things,” said de La Vega, who financed his second audition trip through private music classes. 

His teachers were overjoyed for his new opportunity. Tere Treviño calls him “a great student and an excellent musician. I wish you much more success.”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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